Michigan Career Placement Association

Students Holding Question MarkThe Michigan Career Placement Association is a professional organization whose goal is to provide direction, placement, and leadership services to all personnel who assist in the placement of all students into work-based learning experiences.

Services to the employing community and to students, graduates, out-of-school youth, and adults is based on individual needs.  The placement process must maintain the highest standards of quality, integrity, and efficiency to the benefit of employers and the various client groups.

MCPA President’s Message

Greetings to all Persons Interested in Career Development and Placement!

The MCPA Mission is very important to the internal work of our members and provides focus for the external engagement with the larger community. We encourage partnerships between community businesses to develop partnerships with educational institutions to create and develop a workforce to meet the needs of our future workforce. As our directive notes, “The Michigan Career Placement Association is a professional organization whose goal is to provide direction, placement, and leadership services to all personnel who assist in the placement of all students into work-based learning experiences.”  I encourage you to visit our website, www.micareerplacement.org often to see important information and updates on Work Based Learning experiences, and other important initiative which impact our placement activities.

Our organization was established to provide services to parents and students, schools, and community partners in their life long quest for career development and advancement. As careers initialize, develop, grow and mature, we are in position to allow students to receive information, direction, and opportunities for their career related visions. Developing relationships between community partners and students is key for successful career development through Work Based Learning activities. Placements must be a quality learning experience for both the student and the provider. Safety is the primary attribute of any placement, and any placement must occur with integrity.

February is Career & Technical Education and Entrepreneurship Month.  We encourage education centers, business partners and all community organizations to promote Work Based Learning experiences as part of an overall training and development activity. We encourage you to think about your students and clients along with the business partnerships that make CTE and work-based learning a training and development activity for all involved.

The Association for Career and Technical Education is the largest national education association dedicated to the advancement of education that prepares youth and adults for careers. The mission of ACTE is to provide educational leadership in developing a competitive workforce. The MCPA strongly supports the objectives and goals of the ACTE in developing students for careers and career development. You can find out more about ACTE by visiting their website at www.acteonline.org.

As President of the MCPA, I want to expand our membership, and continue to provide outstanding training and development information to all our stakeholders.  I encourage all involved with Work Based Learning activities to share experiences, and continue to develop quality, educational and rigorous Work Based Learning experiences. We should share our best practices, as well as provide ourselves as a source of information on issues which arise.

I would like to welcome our new Executive Board members, President – Elect Mark Gothberg from Calhoun ISD, Vice President for Membership Mike Spagnoli from Van Buren ISD, and Secretary Jamie Rogers from Calhoun ISD. I believe we have a strong leadership team to advance the Work Based Learning experiences for all stake holders. In addition, I would like to recognize and thank our new North-East Michigan Regional representatives, Candace Opalewski from Clare-Gladwin RESA, and Hillary Phillips from Beaverton Rural Schools.

I would like to continue our Past-President Cynthia Scherphorn initiative – an invitation to share “A Day in the Life” of you and your work. You may write it from the joy and struggles perspective, or the student looking in, or the teacher you help support and assist. However you would like to share is up to you so, be creative. I am certain that we all have something in common and can stand shoulder to shoulder in support of one another throughout the State of Michigan. Your article should include: personal bio, job description, type of work performed, and the “why” you do what you do! We know the work changes from day to day so pick the story you want to share! Please keep your article between 500-750 words. We will begin posting the stories on the website when the first article is received. Let’s connect with our colleagues around Michigan. www.micareerplacement.org

Finally, I am honored and privileged to serve as your president for the upcoming year, and want to personally thank you for the work you do every day in support of student preparation and industry partnerships!


Michael A. Martel, Ph.D.

MCPA President (2016-2017)



Be a part of improving student career preparation.