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Students Holding Question MarkThe Michigan Career Placement Association is a professional organization whose goal is to provide direction, placement, and leadership services to all personnel who assist in the placement of all students into work-based learning experiences.

Services to the employing community and to students, graduates, out-of-school youth, and adults is based on individual needs.  The placement process must maintain the highest standards of quality, integrity, and efficiency to the benefit of employers and the various client groups.

MCPA President’s Post, June 2015

I hope that all of you are enjoying your summer vacation and are taking the time to rest and re-charge. Perhaps some of you are enjoying retirement: thank you for your years of service to work based learning students throughout Michigan. And of course, enjoy your retirement years. I want to take this opportunity to publish a document that actually began one year ago at our Summer Conference. Listed below are some “Parking Lot” issues that came up at the MCPA 2014 Summer Conference. These issues led to multiple discussions regarding policies and procedures of work based learning programs throughout Michigan. Beverly Brown, MDE Program Consultant, and the MCPA Executive Board discussed each of these areas thoroughly and created a document that resolves these issues. These discussions were held throughout the course of the 2014-15 school year and the resolution document is seven pages in length. I thank all Executive Board members who gave their input and expertise during the discussions. Additionally, I thank Beverly Brown for asking us to be part of this important dialogue. Of course, we aren’t done with work based learning issues: there is always something facing work based learning in Michigan. In fact, we are meeting on June 26 to address issues involving Capstone and CTE. If you think you would like to be part of a board that discusses work based learning issues, please consider joining our MCPA board. We will have elections during our October 26-27 conference at Soaring Eagle Resort in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. If you have questions or interest in running for a board position, please contact our President-Elect, Cynthia Scherphorn at cynthia.scherphorn@oakland.k12.mi.us.

The following are a list of “Parking Lot” Issues that were posed to Beverly and the MCPA Board, and the full response to each issue can be found on the RESOURCES tab of our website under the title “MCPA 2014-15 Adopted Summer Parking Lot Issues”.

  1. What should a teacher/coordinator do if they have difficulty verifying worker’s compensation insurance for a work-based learning experience site?
  2. What does it mean to “verify” that an employer has adequate general liability insurance?
  3. Can a district use Docu-Sign (Docu-Sign.com) as verification of the employer’s signature on the student’s evaluations and training agreement?
  4. Can a Job Coach (at Peckham for example), who is not an employee of the company where the student reports, serve as the official evaluator of a WBL student?
  5. Can the district claim FTE time during weekends, after school hours, or summers for a WBL student who is working as a paid employee at an approved work-site?
  6. Is electronic availability (telephone, text, e-mail, etc.) by a paid or unpaid teacher/school employee adequate for evening and weekend WBL placements?
  7. Are WBL student placements that require use of a Band Saw allowable, or are they exempt for Engineering and Machine Tech CTE courses HO14?
  8. Can a capstone experience be done on-line?
  9. Under what circumstances can a capstone experience be conducted side-by-side with the actual CTE course?
  10. Can a Paraprofessional supervise/accompany a Special Education Transitions student to multiple work sites over the course of a semester?
  11. Can distance or virtual learning be used to meet the requirement of work-based learning for each student in state approved career and technical education programs?
  12. What are “Work Based Learning Rotations”?
  13. What does “sponsored by Business and Industry partner for public access” mean?

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