Michigan Career Placement Association

Students Holding Question MarkThe Michigan Career Placement Association is a professional organization whose goal is to provide direction, placement, and leadership services to all personnel who assist in the placement of all students into work-based learning experiences.

Services to the employing community and to students, graduates, out-of-school youth, and adults is based on individual needs.  The placement process must maintain the highest standards of quality, integrity, and efficiency to the benefit of employers and the various client groups.

Work-Based Learning Workshop - October 26-27, 2015

MCPA President’s Post

March 2015

                Spring: the promise of sunny skies, warmer weather, blooming flowers, and HECTIC scheduling! The season is upon us. Although it is a hectic time for those of us in education, it is also a time of celebration. We are scurrying and scrambling to fit in the entire curriculum we want our students to receive, especially because we had multiple snow days. And, we see our seniors rushing to meet deadlines for scholarships, college requirements, and finishing their high school days. During these busy times, I hope for all of you that you can take a few moments to reflect. Reflect on how you have made a difference. Work based learning programs change lives! I see it every day. Students who weren’t sure of a career path, or weren’t sure if they could be successful at anything, find success in WBL programs. Those students discover that the skills they have learned in the classroom transfer to the real world. Many enjoy what they are doing so much; they are amazed it counts as high school credit. And, the employers are amazed that these young people are only high school students. Thank you for the time and dedication you give to your students and work based learning programs in Michigan.

                The MCPA Board has met numerous times to discuss and evaluate issues facing work based learning. Along with our MDE Liaison, Beverly Brown, we discussed questions and concerns that surfaced at our summer conference. The board also analyzed and evaluated the summer conference and its continued feasibility. Summer conference has experienced declining participation for the past seven years, last year’s all-time low of less than forty. Seeing that trend, the MCPA Board surveyed members to get input as to why the trend has appeared. Our research showed that WBL programs cannot fund a summer event, and many instructors are just simply tired at the end of the school year and are ready for summer break. The research showed overwhelming support for the October conference with attendance at over 100 participants each day. A sub committee was formed and more research was done regarding the delivery and venue of our workshops. The committee decided to consolidate our conferences to one and offer that conference as a two-day event during our traditional October calendar. The committee recognized that many of our summer conference traditions: Scholarship and Honoree of the Year were still important to our organization. Therefore, the awards program will now take place during the October conference. I am proud to announce the MCPA Annual Conference will be October 26-27, 2015 at Soaring Eagle Resort & Conference Center in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

                The MCPA Conference Subcommittee is meeting this spring to finalize agenda and details for the October event. I can guarantee that the conference will include updates from our State Department partners as well as introductory sessions to work based learning for our new coordinators. We are hoping to offer Best Practices and time for sharing and collaboration as well. The committee is excited and inspired to bring MCPA members the tools they might need for success. We may even offer a mini session the evening prior to the conference for either technology or new coordinator workshops. Stay tuned for more information and please SAVE THE DATE on your calendars: October 26-27, 2015 at Soaring Eagle Resort & Conference Center in Mt. Pleasant!



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